An update on Hui-a!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I love this combination of two outfits we sent in  previous care packages!!  Hui-a's foster mother is clearly making great use of the mix and not so matching possibilites!! LOL!
(I think we sent her those socks too!)

You have no idea how badly I needed this update today and I'm typing this post thru tears!

We have really tried hard to stay positive and upbeat during this excruciating wait, but sometimes, it gets the best of you and we were hanging on by a thread this week waiting for a new well baby checkup!

Hui-a is now 15 months old, is 31.9 in tall and weighs 25.3 lbs!!  That is the 75th percentile!! My big girl!
Seon-mi was never over the 3rd percentile while in Korea!  And just to give you an idea...Seon-mi is 36 in tall and weighs 28 lbs at 3 years old!

She is walking, running and can also walk backwards!  She is crawling up and down stairs (oh boy!), helps around the house (too cute!) and a random fact...she can 'tower 5 cubes'!  She is saying umma (mommy), abba (daddy), mool (water) and mama (food)!

My heart literally aches looking at these pictures! 
What a relief it is to receive updates like this throughout the process! 

And can I mention how happy I am that her hair is growing out!

 Please, oh please, hurry home Hui-a!


Anya said...

So happy you got an update!! And what a great one at that! Soooo cute that comment about her walking backwards! She's beautiful!

Karen said...

Yay for an update! She is soooo adorable, and her outfit is awesome! XOXO

Bean said...

She is such a sweetie!!! Praying the day comes quickly when you can hold this little on in your arms!!! :)

Park Family said...

She is adorable! And I LOVE the outfit!!!

Jenny said...

Hooray for a much needed update! I hope she will be in your arms soon.

Sam and Heather said...

SO glad you got an update!! Hopefully you'll get more good news soon. She's adorable! :-)

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