Boys are gross and awesome.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

So on Halloween, Bee came in from playing outside. 

We were about to go trick or treating so I started helping him get changed.

And that's when it happened.

I smelled...

body odor.

Boy had some major, major BO.

Huh?!?! He's SIX!!

A fluke?  Maybe!  But dude needed some serious deodorant before I'd put his costume on!

(and can I just mention that my husband totally wiped his arm pits with wet wipes before he used his own deodorant on his own son! 
That is a mental picture I want to remain in my memory bank forever!)

I was super shocked. 

Still am.

Still can't bring myself to apply deodorant on him everyday.

Still haven't bought him any of his own.

I'm sure his friends at school thank me.

Bee thinks he's become a man.

And then there's the toilet seat.

No, not the 'leaving it up' problem.

The opposite.

Dude leaves the seat down and then pees all over it.


Well, that's nothing.

Certain girls in this family,

then sit down on said seat,

and it ain't dry.

Then there's the toothpaste.

Dude, what did the toothpaste ever do to you?
(and this picture does not do the toothpaste mess justice!)
And the bathroom mirror.

Seriously, is it that hard to spit in the sink?

And since he started taking showers, I swear they have become and shorter...

I once told him he could stay up to watch TV with us if he took a shower first.

The kid was in, out and dressed in his pajamas by the time I could count to ten.

Yah, maybe that explains some of the BO issues...

Geesh, if this is six, what the heck happens at sixteen?!?!

I could go on, but I think you get the idea...

boys are gross.

But, then there's everything else...

His prayers.

Heartfelt, soft spoken and totally in tune to our family.

He prays for his sisters, including the one in Korea,

He prays for success for my store and safety while at work for his dad.

He is an excellent first grader, working at a second grade level for both math and reading.

He is kind to others,


 is affectionate,

and oh so sensitive.
(we're working on that in some areas where he might be a little too sensitive!)

He would do just about anything to protect his sister,

and he'd do the same for me.

He loves to play, loves his toys even more,

and would do just about anthing to get a new one!

He can find something in common with anyone, no matter the age or gender,

and will give attention to someone no one else cares to.

And he's dying for a little brother!
(he'll have to take that one up with his daddy!)

He is compassionate,



has tons of potential...

I think he's pretty special

and can do anything he sets his mind to do...


boys are awesome.


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